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Paula Stanton internationally awarded nature photographer 

Paula Stanton

Paula Stanton, an internationally recognized nature photographer  pushes the boundaries of her craft to capture stunning fine art imagery.  Paula has an endless passion and offers compelling artwork . Her name is quickly becoming synonymous with pristine images of birds of prey, large mammals, landscapes and wildlife videography.  

Artist Statement

If you are anything like me, and I suspect you are as you are here with me, Seeking Wildlife embodies capturing those rarest of moments when subject, lighting and conditions in nature come together to mesmerize us and inspire powerful thoughts and emotions. 


We are guests, observers of what Mother Nature chooses to reveal. When out on location, learning from the animals and scenes that unfold before me, I set out to capture them in all their glory. And as you can see, what they offer is indeed glorious.  

I'm honored that you are here, looking at my work.  We feel nature and embrace how it finds ways to touch our souls with its offerings.  This art is alive, these images are real and the feelings they evoke are moving  I know you have many choices for choosing what you decide to display in your home or office.  If not this time, maybe next time you will think of me.  In the meantime, welcome and enjoy Seeking Wildlife with me.



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